Monthly Sunday Workshop in New York


Since 2009, I have attended most of the monthly Sunday workshops offered by Master Alex in New York city. This is my 8th consecutive year of traveling almost every month, from Boston to Manhattan on a Saturday, spending the night in the city, attending a workshop in the morning and afternoon on the following Sunday, and returning home in the evening. 

This weekend's workshop concluded with a pleasant surprise. Master Alex announced the appointment of two new senior instructors, myself and my fellow student Jeff Pastoressa, and presented a plaque for each of us to commemorate this recognition. I am very grateful, as it is quite an honor to be recognized for this position.

It was nice to hear the congratulations from everybody, but I was particularly touched to hear from several that they consider me as their role model and an inspiration, having achieved this position in a relatively short time. I am proud of my accomplishment, but I realize I have to work even harder now to meet the expectations of being a senior instructor. I can't let the Master down, nor can I let down those who look up to me.