Origami Art

In addition to sharing her knowledge in tai chi, Janet enjoys designing and creating unique paper art, featuring origami, the Japanese tradition of paper folding. 

Janet's creations include origami crane mobiles, hanging ornaments, jewelry, note cards and more. View more of her work at East Wind Designs

About Tsuru (Japanese Crane)

In Japan, the crane is fabled to have a life span of one thousand years. It is known to mate for life, and has long been regarded as a symbol of fidelity, longevity, and good fortune. Over the years, the crane has become a favorite subject of origami, the Japanese tradition of paper folding.

It is said that one who folds 1,000 cranes will have one's wish granted. This Japanese legend was popularized by the true story of girl named Sadako Sasaki. Diagnosed with leukemia from exposure to radiation from the bombing of Hiroshima, she folded 644 cranes before her untimely death  As she folded each crane, not only did she wish for her own healing, but also for the peace and healing of the world devastated by way. In memory of this unforgettable story of Sadako, orizuru (origami crane) has also come to symbolize peace and hope in modern days.