2013 Westwater Intensive Training

April 26th - May 4th



I've always heard about this workshop held annually in Westwater, Utah. It is the most intensive workshop offered by Master Alex, lasting 9 days, for a total of nearly 50 hours of training time. This camp has no indoor sleeping arrangements, and students must bring their own tent and bedding. This 'roughing it' arrangement had been the reason why I was always reluctant to participate in this camp. This year Toni Demouline (15th from the left), one of Master Alex' senior students, convinced me to attend it, by offering me to share her sleeping quarters in the shed that she had built in this high desert, containing real beds and mattresses! Having no more reason not to go, I decided to give it a try, and was I ever glad that I did it. Workshop was great, and it was so nice to meet up with like-minded students from all over the world, many I knew from other workshops I have attended in the past.


I ended up actually sleeping in Toni's station wagon rather than sharing the shed with her and another person. The car offered me my privacy, and I felt free to stay up late into the nights having fun pushing hands with my fellow practitioners. 

I enjoyed the great training and great camaraderie.... We trained hard and we learned a lot. Master Alex was pleased with the group, and announced that he will be teaching us a double stick form next year. Wow! That is going to be a real treat! How can I forego such an opportunity?! Sign me up for the next year's camp!