2014 Push Hands Workshop - Greece

September 25 - September 29

I attended an intensive, push-hands only workshop in Greece. As this was my first time in Greece, I put in a bit of touring at the beginning in Athens for several days and then drove north to the seaside resort for four days of workshop.

One of the most memorable sites that I visited in Athens was the Monastery of Karisariani. Not many visitors venture out to this secluded place, and there was nobody else when I visited this serene, peaceful spot.

I took the opportunity to do some tai chi in its courtyard.

Four days of push-hands training was quite intense, but extremely beneficial. While pushing hands, I have always found my body to become tense and hard, and difficult to relax. Through series of exercises that Master Alex taught us, I learned how to stay loose and relaxed and yet rooted at the same time. This is a big break through for me in pushing hands. I can feel that my push-hands skills have improved tremendously after this workshop. Needless to say that I am so glad that I attended it.  

Master Alex mentioned that he is planning to offer more push-hands only workshops in the future. I sure hope that I will be able to attend some more.